Sunday, September 23, 2007

PHP learning -- Part 2

The second things i want to know: which do we need to develop a PHP program?

1. Web server: Apache(recommend) or IIS(not recommend)
2. DBMS such as Mysql(recommend) or others
3. PHP engine (Of course). Download at

But i recommend on WAMP. It wrapped all module in one. It is easier for you to develop.

After install WAMP at port 80, i want to run the first hello world to have a look at PHP.

Although now we do not understand what its mean, it will give us an overview.

First hello world program written in PHP.

File: hello.php

<title>PHP Test</title>
<?php echo '<p>Hello World</p>'; ?>

To make in run, we start wamp server. Put this file into sub folder www in wamp folder.
Open browser, and enter URL: localhost/hello.php

The example will appear:
Hello World

Cool. We did a very simple program. Now we start look inside PHP in next post

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