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Detect and remove hardware problem with BUGDOCTOR.COM

BUGDOCTOR.COM the antidote to all your computer error woes. New Bug-Detecting and Removal Software Bringing Back Your Computer's Pulse

March 9, 2005 - Are you one of the billions of computer user’s whose PC is infected with a pesky infection? SOFTWARE DOCTOR INC. today announced the worldwide public release of BugDoctor, the most advanced error-removal software on the market. BugDoctor is a new computer tool that seamlessly scans for, detects and deletes a comprehensive range of hard drive bugs. It roots out potentially crash-inducing errors at their source, ferreting deep into PC application sections-such as Active X Com, device drivers, corrupt help files, and Windows startup applications and shortcuts-where these parasites hide. The program is available for complimentary download at and an initial error scan is available free of charge.

According to a National Cyber Security study conducted in June 2003, 9 out of 10 PCs connected to the Internet contain spyware. Even more startling, 94% of PCs are infected with spyware-associated bugs and errors that if not repaired properly can put them at extreme risk for system failure. While many adware and spyware removal programs are effective in eradicating the annoying popups that such malicious programs carry with them, they leave behind registry keys that not only slow down system performance but also pose the potential for an outright system crash.

If you are noticing such computer problems as slow startups, troublesome shut-downs, unresponsive programs, or runtime, 404 or msg errors, then your computer could be at high risk for permanent failure. Before tossing thousands of money into a new system, however, you owe it to yourself to give BugDoctor a try. Chris V., a satisfied client, is glad he did: "I was going to invest over $2,500 in a new computer, but I decided to try BugDoctor first and I’m glad I did. Now my PC runs like new again, saving me hundreds of dollars and tons of time."

Not only will BugDoctor repair every type of aforementioned computer error, but it will also boost your system’s speed and performance by as much as 300%. The program is easy and safe to use and regular scanning and deletion will result in a more stable and faster running Windows environment.

To download the new BugDoctor error-removal software and to scan your own PC before it’s too late, visit the company online at For more information on how BugDoctor can protect and save your computer from debilitating system bugs, contact Mike Delrue at

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