Friday, July 20, 2007

How to create rss link for google blogspot ?

RSS Feeds from Xanga and Blogspot

Recently got a few friends who are blogging on Xanga and Blogspot. As someone who likes to read blog yet lazy to visit them one by one, I usually just subscribe to their RSS and wait for news to arrive at my doorstep (or better know as Outlook). However, I cannot find any [XML] or [RSS] icon in both the blog sites. I quick search in goggle reveals 2 ways which I can feed the blogs


there is a free service @

Simply change the field to the username of the blog you wish to feed from Xanga


Blogspot default feed through atom, which the RSS aggregator I using (you subscribe) do not support.
Therefore I used this free service from 2rss to convert the feeds to atom before subscibing to them

Lastly, there are some who simply dun support RSS feeds. I therefore use watchthatpage instead, which is recommended by icelava

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